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October 2008

Songs of Change: Improving Sanitation in Mozambique through Popular Music

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过去一年中,金融服务创新中心 (CFSI) 和 普惠金融中心 (CFI) 对新兴市场的财务健康状况进行了一番探究。我们想了解财务健康的概念是不是可用于了解消费者的合适框架,这个概念在美国得到了CFSI的广泛推广。财务健康被定义为当你的日常系统能帮你形成抵御能力并寻求机会时的状态。我们采用的假设是:财务健康可以作为追踪新兴市场进步情况的方法,因为它是人们努力试图达到的状态,因此是普惠金融的核心目的之一。

DM Project Story: From Open Wells to Rope Pumps

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life-in-the-post-transparency-agIn the World Bank Finances team, we're currently asking ourselves what's next after publishing open financial data? What comes after transparency?

There's of course a lot we still need to do -- we need to help other people publish data (other people's data can make ours even more powerful and help tell more complete stories), we need to help people learn to use our data, we need to raise awareness about the availability and potential of open data, there of course is more (and more granular) data we still need to publish, and the like.


The Evolving Regulatory Context for Private Education in Emerging Economies

Note from the Editor: The following post initiates an online discussion on private education that will take place on the PSD blog between November 3-14. The discussion will be moderated by the IFC's Health and Education Department and will include posts from guest commentators from outside of the World Bank Group.   


Even Princetonians do it...

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Blogging, that is. I just ran across what appears to be their one-and-a-half month old blog: Princeton University Press blog. It's a lot of election coverage cum financial crisis commentary. The tenor of the conversation? Somewhere in the nerdy-academic-brilliant sphere - I expected no less! Here's a taste of the conversation:

Vodafone: Keep It Simple, Stupid

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Nick Hughes, the head of Vodafone's international mobile payment solutions, recently gave a talk at CGAP about the company's work in Kenya, Afghanistan, and Tanzania. If I might sum up the talk in just a few words: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Crisis talk

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The newest addition to the family of World Bank Group blogs, Crisis Talk, "aims to provide the latest information on the unfolding financial crisis, both on specific countries and sectors, as well as on the global crisis response. The blog will also feature opinions on what solutions may be possible, what shape the financial sector may take in the future, and how the crisis affects the real economy."

Welcome to the blogosphere!

A lesson in openness

I just stumbled upon the BBC's Common Platform blog. Here's how the blog's author describes the purpose of the website:

The BBC is opening up to the people and communities that fund it—sharing content, code, talent and resources. At Common Platform I'm documenting the changes as they take place, talking to the people making them happen and asking questions of those who'd rather they didn't.